July 18, 2013

Small Milky Way

Around 3-5 hours. I was with a friend and didn’t really keep track of time. This is cheap acrylic paint on a small 4x5 canvas.

11 July 2013

It had been quite a while since i’d painted, and then my friend RenĂ©e came over and painted with me! She painted a supernova, and i painted the Milky Way (more specifically the galactic core which is so flipping cool). We also watched The Blue Planet on Netflix which was also super cool.

I recently finished a total reorganization of my room, and now it’s much more open, and i have so much more room to paint and stuff. So i’ll probably start doing that more often now!

The top picture is the color-corrected and cropped version, the bottom picture is the non-cropped version whose colors aren’t true-to-life.